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Our facial oils are packed full of potent, cold pressed oils handcrafted to suit each skin type. We are transparent in what we include in our products; and we promise to care for your skin as much as ours. By never compromising on the quality of our ingredients we can use them to their fullest potential. Our carefully chosen plant oils will work together to nourish and calm the skin you're in.

Fade Facial Oil

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Our philosophy

Here at SauSkin we believe that less is more so we created a range of hand-crafted, affordable products which are full of skin-loving ingredients that we can all pronounce. Our key ingredient which is present in all products is Black Seed Oil - a 'super seed' that has a multitude of benefits for the skin.

From Our Founder

"I was continuously on the hunt for facial oils that would absorb well into my acne-prone skin. The lightweight, fragrance-free formulas which include our star ingredient Black Seed Oil truly have made a tremendous difference in the texture of my skin."