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Our Story

Classic ingredients, ageless formulations. 

Less is more.

These ideas form the basis of our philosophy when it comes to what we put on our skin. Here at SauSkin, we value simple yet potent ingredients and the benefits they have when used to their fullest potential. In particular, we have seen firsthand the power of Nigella Sativa, or what it is more commonly called, Black Seed. The oil of which, has properties which can transform your skin by diminishing fine lines, fading hyperpigmentation and leaving your skin glowing. Now, don't just take our word for it - decades of scientific research has found that the black seed has a multitude of skin-loving properties. 

For example, it is packed with Vitamin A and 8 essential amino acids, which means Black Seed Oil helps to reduce acne scars. It also lessens the appearance of spots and acne by vastly reducing the redness due to its anti-inflammatory properties. 

For these reasons, and so many more, you'll find black seed oil in each and every product we sell. It has been used for over 2000 years by Kings and Queens and it has become a staple in our family for generations. 

Our promise is to only use natural, vegan and non toxic ingredients in all of our products. 

We welcome you to the world of seed powered skincare. We most certainly hope you stick around.

With Love,

The SauSkin Team